Full name
Ximena Castro Aguilar



January 25


Texas, USA

True Neutral



Ximena was born with incredible psychic powers that developed as she got older. She can read minds, control her own mind, and more. They are completely unexplained and unfortunately are a double edged sword in her life. The strange phenomena caused her Catholic family to have her exorcised and she faced a lot of ostracization in social situations because of her unusual behavior. Because of all of this, she developed an abrasive and cynical world view.


Ximena is aloof and seems to float through life without passion or strong emotion, there is not much in life that truly compels her. Ximena is known by many to be unsettling, strange, and to some, cruel. She'd prefer to be well liked, but kindness isn't shown to people like her, so she rolls with it as a self-defense mechanism. Thanks to her psychic abilities she can almost completely suppress her emotions, and so she can easily keep perfect composure at all times.

Feelings like sadness and fear are inconvenient and only hold people back, so she ignores them for the most part. This has the unintended effect of making her quite insensitive. She often "forgets" that emotions are a part of normal human existence and sometimes shuns her friends for being "overemotional." At the same time, this quality is what makes her so reliable to her friends. She is very objective in her thinking and gives them helpful advice, even if it sounds a bit mean. Unexpected by most, she abhors violence and lies.


  • Ximena has bright green eyes that glow when she uses her powers.
  • Ximena keeps two tarantulas as pets. She likes them because they are very low maintenance and she enjoys decorating their enclosures. She keeps their enclosures under her bed.
  • Any amount of mental impairment negatively affects Ximena's powers. Missing out on sleep causes more intense headaches and makes controlling her powers more difficult. It's unknown how drugs and alcohol affect her and she wouldn't bother with the risk just to find out.
  • After being exorcised, Ximena's media consumption was heavily controlled. Her parents didn't want her watching or listening to anything they believed would make her "regress" into what she was before. Because of this, she is only familiar with Mexican media, and any other media she knows about she learned about through others.


  • Sleeping
  • Her few friends
  • Birds, especially chickens
  • Forrest
  • Psychoanalysis


  • Excessive optimism
  • Levity
  • Religious people
  • Innocent people getting hurt
  • Most of humanity



The person Ximena trusts and cherishes the most. Though she can be very possessive of him, she would do anything for him and always has his best interests in mind. Forrest is the only person Ximena opens up to and he's the only person who gets to see her be vulnerable.


Ximena tends to hate her opposite: optimistic and emotional people, so she disliked Junko quite a bit at first. Eventually she came to tolerate and befriend her. There is a strange romantic tension between them that Ximena refuses to engage with.


Ximena prickles at meeting and befriending people, she didn't react well to Mortimer at all. Her friends were quite surprised to see her disdain for Mortimer to turn into genuine friendship. They open up to each other and bond over their unlikely similarities.